About home

My name is Jakob Wierzba, I go by Kuba.
I make videos, installations, photographs and zines – check out works for a selection of the bigger things.
The smaller things, odds and ends, experiments and outtakes can be found in the blog titled Can You Feel The Algorithm.
I post pop-topographic photos, sometimes daily.
I host a radio show on Radio Blau, where I make audio experiments and talk to people about art, comic books, comedy, well… pop culture.

I run a science fiction blog and co-host two Star Trek podcasts with my sister Marta.

I am also a developer. You can hire me to make things like the things you see here or if you need help to put your things online.


Write to jw@cyfta.com or f me on Facebook.

Current events


  • Leipzig / Spinnerei Rundgang / A room that…: “Art Coin”
    April 14+15 (Sat+Sun), 20+21, 27+28 (Fris+Sats)
    My contribution: a live sound installation “BTC motif”