Reprojection Error

Photographic exploration of depth perception in photography.

I was always fascinated by the weird relationship of 3d “reality” and its 2d photographic reproduction. The viewer re-imagines this space according to aesthetic habits. Jarring contradictory or ambiguous parts of the image stress photography’s “media-ness”: the medium’s unavoidable shortcomings become the image’s possibilities.

I hunted for optical near-illusions and found my subject matter in their preconditions: the meaning of depth perception in photography; an anti-thesis to documentary so-called truth and the illusion of Street Photography.

Reprojection Error was one of my final projects at Neue Schule Berlin.
Our graduation exhibition: ENDE NEU

There’s a good photo book with similar images from history: “First Doubt — Optical Confusion in Modern Photography: Selections from the Allan Chasanoff Collection”.

Reprojection Error Ruhrgebiet

An earlier take on the subject, made in context of an exchange project with the Ruhrakademie Schwerte:
20/20 Kannst du es sehen?