audio works

Here I collect all small and bigger things I have made for Kubshow: sound collages, raw data experiments, machine processed found footage , text-to-speech fan edits, slow-ups and slow-downs, all-the-sound-files edits and general silliness.

The bigger things are available on Mixcloud and Bandcamp, further down you can directly listen to bits here.

Kubshowerhead CDROM EP

“CD-ROMs played on a CD player”. Raw data from classic computer games and programs, with soundscapes, clips & pop music collages.

Need 600KBps (The Need for Speed), 19:57 min, 2019, Kubshow #44
Wind ows 1011111 (Windows 95), 57:50 min, 2018, Kubshow #40
simcity 7d0 (SimCity 2000),  16:43, 2019, Kubshow #45

Kubshowerhead WxSxOxLxAx EP

“33 rpm records played at 450 rpm”
Famously long songs sped up (and pitched down) into grindcore.
(The tracklist there is the joke that I am most proud of, I think.)

Lazy Pop Rock Scifi Operas

Famous Star Trek episodes as musical radio plays.
Only on mixcloud for legal reasons.

Genesis (I can’t dance) 59:43 min, 2018, Kubshow #38
Tom’s Threshold 1:01:01 h, 2018, Kubshow #35

This work reflects a quest for lost identity, a recuperation of an unknown past.

0:37 min, 2020, Kubshow #57

“Neural network style transfer” for text-to-speech. As always, I am fascinated by the choice of sample texts and I arranged four virtual readers into this not-quite-unison quartet.

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

2:30 min, 2019, Kubshow #50

When you feed this “writing prompt” to Talk to Transformer, the GPT-2 neural net tends to generate rhythmical, repetitive, culinary poems. Here’s several attempts, read by various TTS, mixed into an a cappella piece.

Noise Help Dot Com

10:05 min, 2019, Kubshow #44

The web site helpfully features examples of different kinds of noise, but plays them simultaneously on page load! (Something I fail to recreate now, unfortunately).
Here’s a capture of this experience, slowed down to 1/64th.

Vega Oops

3:11 min, 2018, Kubshow #40

When my headphones broke the two cables/channels short-circuited and created an analogue, ad-hoc “karaoke filter”, which removed most vocals and instead emphasized compression artifcats. I recreated the sensation with the out-of-phase-stereo effect and the “first MP3 ever” – “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega.

Sept Huit

4:47 min, 2019, Kubshow #36

Mia tattoos.

Elite Force FX

2:57 min, 2018

All sound effects from Elite Force, ordered shortest-to-longest, set to a beat.

Hi, victim! (Do not regret the decision / I collected very interesting content)

2:40 min, 2018, Kubshow #33

2:08 min, 2018, Kubshow #40

A stereophonic reading of the popular “wank scam” spam e-mails. An “aural diff”, headphones recommended – cf. a visual diff. I first received two variants through two e-mail addresses I used for tumblr.
Half a year later I forgot I had made this and re-made it with the message translated to German via Google and with a sequential layout. Both read by Google Chrome’s TTS.

Young Quakers Podcast Noise Special

1:38 min, 2018, Kubshow #33

In 2018, The Young Quakers Podcast released their 4th episode, a “Silence Special”. Please find here an edit of all the relevant content, i.e.  everything that wasn’t noise, reducing the listening time from 35 minutes to a manageable 98 seconds. For podcast fans who like 1.5× speed and “skip silence”.

Latent Lagoon

2:22 min, 2018, Kubshow #31

1:07 min, 2018, Kubshow #31


Tacotron 2 samples, “generated human-like speech from text”, ordered by humanity (inebriation), with nice soundtracks.

Squad, Squid, Doctor, Who

7:45 min, 2018, Kubshow #30

Human asks, machine answers. Human is obsessed with Doctor Who and squids. From The Stanford Question Answering Dataset, read by Google Chrome’s TTS. Background soundscape stolen from Dälek.

Sugar w/ auto-drums

1:46 min, 2018, Kubshow #30

I was so in love with David Dockery’s w/ drums series that I tried to emulate it, so I used a MIDI transcriber to add drums to this famous Simpsons scene.

Marteria – Tijuana Flow

30 sec snippet, 2018, Kubshow #30

What if Marteria (think Madlib) did “Tijuana Flow” and not Marsimoto (think Quasimoto)?


2:33 min, 2018, Kubshow #30

The inverse to chipmunkson16speed, “Die Ritter des Rechts” (German dub of Rescue Rangers) slowed down to original/recording speed.


1:20 min, 2017, Kubshow #26

The cutting room floor after editing our podcast Derzeit Discovery.

Noise rainbow

40 sec, 2017, Kubshow #26

Noise comes in many different colors, here’s a handy guide to compare & contrast all of them. Voice-over provided by/stolen from Paul F. Tompkins on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang.

Dead Air

5:00 min, 2017, Kubshow #26

3:22 min, 2016, Kubshow #18

Moments of silence longer than 7 seconds, with the lead-in and lead-out parts for context. The original inspiration for this is gone, but you can check my sources and source.

fruity rar

7:20 min, 2017, Kubshow #20

All sounds from an old bootleg copy of a famous DAW/”beatmaking” software, sorted from longest to shortest. The last 30 seconds or so are pretty exciting!


4:49 min, 2016, Kubshow #12

The Atari game River Raid. This is the whole game loading from cassette, which makes this MP3 a bootleg ROM. Middle part pitched down for copyright protection palatability.


12:10 min, 2016, Kubshow #12

When I accidentally hit the 0.75× speed button on my podcast app, film critic Mark Kermode suddenly sounded pretty buzzed, if not plastered.
Works with other people, too, but something about Kermodes voice and the movie Her makes it extra boozy.
With apologies to Kermode & Mayo. Here’s the sober original.


2:50 min, 2016, Kubshow #12

Sound of a Jacquard loom shortly before it was torn down, mixed with the classic adventure game Loom.