This willow stands at a construction site in Halle, on the banks of the Saale. Its network of roots stabilizes the bank, for the coming flood. It is bounded by a new curb and a loose cable. Human impact on riverbanks destroys the willows’ habitat. This unstable construct is documentent in digital photography, but textile, serial reproductions obscure the view. The foremost layer is the most transparent, but also the most blurry, because the image is sampled roughly into coarse pixels, just as the willow is crammed into human structures. Toward the print, the textile layers become sharper but also more opaque. The construct hovers between digital boundaries and soft forms — similar to wickerwork made of willow switches, to which the textile fabric refers.

Presented as part of “Photosynthese” at Stone Gallery, Festival horizonte, Zingst, May 2023.

Three jacquard textiles 75×160cm, One chromalux inkjet print, 80×60cm.
Mount which keeps the textiles hanging at 15, 30 and 45cm distance from the wall.

Three layers of black and white woven textiles, hanging vertically, parallely, in front of a glossy photograph on the wall. The wall looks like a sauna. On the photograph, we can see a willow tree, some sky, and road in front of it.

three visitors take in the artwork. we see their backs - one black-clad svelte silhouette, an elderly couple in vibrant sweaters, him orange, her pink.

A gallery room in central perspective, with the textile looming centrally on the back wall.
Letztes Foto: © Florian W. Müller