Portfolio (Quick Best-Of)


3D movie, shot experimentally, i.e. not using proper 3D cameras.

The fact that your own body is a threedimensional body seems obvious, but is usually only noticed under special circumstance: when you lose control over your motor skills, when you measure yourself or are measured for purposes of control, when injured, when mapped into virtual spaces. I undergo a series of experiments to study this condition.

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Reprojection Error

Photographic exploration of depth perception in photography.


Two billion pixels per hour

Long-term surveillance project.

A video feed from the gallery window is folded in a fractal curve and presented in a Google-Maps-based interface. The huge amount of data becomes zoomable, searchable, grasp-able.



A radio play, speculative fiction of an AI-aided audio travel guides.

Remoting combines open data on historical monuments, “creative writing” of neural networks and human-curated songs about Google Maps and travel.

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Kuba hinter Schreibtisch mit Mikros


Long-term slitscan of the sky.

Presented as a spiral it alludes to the movement of the earth through space. Interactive web app with a novel interface let’s you pan & zoom through a 3D spiral which contains two weeks of data.

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An in-game photograph of a reproduction of a Leipzig building with a Nazi history.

I made it for a project about Leipzig’s national socialist past – within a computer game that offered “realistic” WWII gameplay, which I used to play, but always felt guilty. Technically a crude screenshot it is often mistaken for a photograph.