Kubshow #12: Looms, Bananas and Drunks (no guest, sick leave)


On this guestless show I present four experimental audio pieces from the archives:

  1. We bought a loom: sounds of a Jacquard loom and a punch card punching machine interwoven (pun intended) with music and sound effects from the computer game Loom (LucasArts, 1990).
  2. Drunk Kermode: A review of the movie Her (Spike Jonze, 2013) by Mark Kermode (BBC Radio 5 live) at YouTube’s 50% speed setting.
  3. Lena und die Bananen: An automatic poem. Educational raw material provided by (Capital-L) linguist Marta.
  4. River Raid: The complete boot-up/loading sequence of the Atari (800XE) game River Raid (Carol Shaw, Activision, 1982/83).