Deprecate, depreciate

Inspired by this post about a website that collects old digital cameras I searched my archives. I found two cameras at pretty different ends of the spectrum:

  • Mamiya ZD from 2004. Early digital medium format: 36×48 mm (!) CCD, but “only” 22 MPx and max. 1GB CF cards & around 20 seconds “saving time” per shot.
  • Sony TRV340e from 2001. Digital8 camcorder with 25× optical zoom but practically no wide angle. 640×480 on a 8MB MemoryStick. Used this a lot.

I was surprised that the photos I found show things that smell of deprecation, depreciation, obsolescence:

  • Görlitz/Zgorzelec, a drab city on the German-Polish border. I was born there.
  • Old media to sell on eBay, analogue obsessions.