Band name-y, password-y 3 word combos with exactly 1 youtube hit

Inspired by the band Almond Ice Director¹ and my inability to remember this name I wrote a very simple password generator à la correct horse battery staple, and searched the passwords/band names on YouTube.

At that time Almond Ice Director had exactly one song on YouTube so I picked the search terms that yielded exactly one result³, using them as whacky bands to make a sound collage.

You can listen to it on episode 36 of my radio show, around the 1h07m mark, see the code and find the list of results below (~10% of searches had exactly 1 hit).

¹ “you can’t direct almond ice², so he’s really the director of nothing” – I’m paraphrasing Giuliano from the band.
² which is totally a big thing in Sicily
³ YMMV. I used the API via curl. Searches are probably localized & new stuff is uploaded.

Abandonment Comparisons Filibusterer
Adequate Economize Recluses
Battery Undiscovered Anywise
Bazaar Housebreaking Candid
Befall Haunt Unambiguously
Blasphemously Unaided Cox
Blunting Explanations Greenflies
Bonded Dongle Weaponize
Border Counteractions Necessities
Brassiere Spelldown Magnification
Brindled Elastics Apple
Brocading Hood Cobnuts
Burlier Revengeful Budged
Capstones Tailoring Meringue
Caseworker Gimlets Hospitalized
Ceca Creole Officers
Ceded Walkies Harmoniously
Civilizes Vessel Oligonucleotide
Climaxing Plagiarize Atmospheric
Clubland Moldiness Slutty
Composts Expectorants Firings
Conflicted Specifics Hider
Cool Discomfited Professionalize
Costumed Thickenings Outsmarts
Crosspatch Papists Husbandmen
Cruiser Artful Forked
Dandies Livens Lassitude
Diatribes Stokers Swanks
Diphthong Hiding Matrons
Disproportionate Iniquity Beguiled
Dreads Yipped Telegraphist
Dullness Rigid Hypoglycemia
Dutch Miscalculating Speeders
Earl Hauler Recourse
Escarole Puling Jumble
Ethereal Rigid Discontinuously
Familiar Nonpayment Viewings
Feeler Touchscreens Humidifiers
Forbore Smith Churner
Forensically Carpeted Fatalistically
Geography Omicron Conglomerations
Glads Floury Escaroles
Granges Scissor Qualms
Gravestones Rhubarbs Puck
Handful Abrogated Sash
Handhelds Marginals Flareup
Hangings Overclouds Adjusted
Harmonies Hosannas Stoups
Hereof Misidentified Pecks
Hopelessly Oceanographer Figuratively
Illegitimacy Transmitting Debonair
Inquest Cinched Shuttering
Inserts Appease Vassals
Instigated Recessing Reanimated
Intolerable Overpowering Hayrick
Jocularity Truncates Thirteenth
Lore Windfall Leisureliness
Microwavable Spills Baster
Misplay Pretends Physiological
Mistake Firescreen Annihilates
Moodily Winks Blackthorns
Mope Mumbler Anhydrous
Nursing Manliest Canvasbacks
Organically Steely Becalmed
Paining Sodded Entrusting
Peeved Indefiniteness Doodle
Pewits Stencils Amigos
Pitiless Mango Disks
Quadratic Upheld Compressed
Raiment Presage Weighed
Regencies Simulcast Lobby
Reinfected Fleas Employers
Relined Purposing Regatta
Requited Diversities Ropiest
Risque Dissension Peeled
Rocketed Irascibility Ibis
Rowboat Software Appendage
Scours Deface Parascending
Screwdriver Bling Plausibility
Sewn Exorbitant Thingies
Shindigs Serves Bigotries
Skeptic Lees Carnelians
Sleek Clefs Woodblocks
Spout Canteens Meek
Sprays Italicized Culpably
Suspects Shiniest Overawes
Sutler Chapping Actuating
Tallboys Stabilizing Obscenities
Ted Palliates Ethics
Televangelists Gunslinger Delusion
Tidewaters Psychotic Recitalist
Tireless Slammer Resigning
Totalitarians Trumpeted Foresees
Tow Vitrine Elevations
Unremarkable Community Permissions
Weeps Biologist Cunnilingus
Whiniest Conferment Affluence
Whiskery Materialism Uprears