“Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music”

From jvoisin (CC BY-SA)

Some artists will benchmark your utf8 support [and beyond]:
[…] Magma and their Kobaïan made-up language featuring some custom diacritics that don’t exist in utf8.

Of course, see also the famous Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names.
This also reminds me that on BC BY-NC-SA I’ve noticed how bad Bandcamps slugify is: 無​限​大 becomes –14 (the 14 is just an anti-hash-collision counter, I believe)

3D modelling at 19th Unnamed Cave: photogrammetry archaeology (Paper)

Three images: Left: photography of a stone in a cave, presumably. There are very faint marks. Right: a drawing of a humanoid figure. Center: both overlaid, now you can see how the faint markings maybe, somehow could be identified, but probably not.

Impressive use of photogrammetry:

Most surprisingly, the cave’s ceiling features very large anthropomorphic glyphs that are not apparent in situ due to the tight confines of the cave. We argue that photogrammetry offers untapped potential for not simply the documentation but also the discovery of a variety of archaeological phenomena.

Jan F. Simek, Stephen Alvarez and Alan Cressler, Cambridge University Press. Image (from there): Anthropomorph in regalia (1.81m tall) from 19th Unnamed Cave, Alabama (photograph by S. Alvarez; illustration by J. Simek).

Wendy Carlos answers questions about Vocoders

a repeating light brown pattern, in the center a logo that says Wendy Carlos, the Wendy in scripty handwriting, the carlos in Gothic uppercase. It looks very 90s!

From Wendy Carlos’ delightfully 90s website

Then I got a chance to try one at the NY World’s Fair of 1964-65, at the Bell Labs pavilion. I was hooked! When I figured how to make it not just speak, but sing, it earned an assured place in a forthcoming new album. You know, it seemed an exciting idea to share! The first reactions were unanimous: everyone hated it!

Reminds me of my first time hearing Daft Punk’s Discovery, it took a while!

euxo pipefail

this will hereby hopefully join, in my brain, netstat’s tulpn and ps’s aux:

set -euxo pipefail

-e — exit immediately when one command fails
-u — fail on undefined vars
-o pipefail — fail if a pipe fails
-x — be very very verbose

AirPlay on raspi


An open-source implementation of an AirPlay mirroring server for the Raspberry Pi. The goal is to make it run smoothly even on a Raspberry Pi Zero.
Screen mirroring and audio works for iOS 9 or newer. […]
Both audio and video work fine on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a Raspberry Pi Zero, though playback is a bit smoother on the 3B+.

TODO: compare to shairplay