Kubshow #15: D.C.I. Tralala (mit Josephine Kremberg)

Ein Abend mit der Künstlerin und Regisseurin Josephine Kremberg!
Wir machen (von mir dringend benötigte) Entspannungs- und Lockerungsübungen, gehen einen brutalen Psycho-Fragebogen durch und schließlich lasse erhalte ich Schauspielcoaching um besser in die Rollen “Homer Simpson” und “Meryl Streep” zu schlüpfen.


Kubshow #14: Motel Shangri-La / Codeshvitzing (with James Turek and Dave Dichelle)

We turn two chapters of James Turek’s comic book “Motel Shangri-La” into an audio play! It’s almost like one of his readings: cool desert sound effects, cool desert soundtrack, his crisp smoky voice… plus me nasally describing what happens in the drawings.
Then Dave-Sensei hops on the show and I try to make him trip with the codeswitchingiest GermoEnglish write-up ever, but he barely breaks a sweat!


Kubshow #13: Wittgenstein Grind (with Lily Koto Olive and Laurentiu)

I welcome artist Lily and philosopher Laurentiu to the new Radio Blau studio!
We discover music in Wittgenstein’s writings, wrestle with nutria for field recordings and play What’s That Grind!


My “grind” spin-off “band“:

Kubshow #12: Looms, Bananas and Drunks (no guest, sick leave)

On this guestless show I present four experimental audio pieces from the archives:

  1. We bought a loom: sounds of a Jacquard loom and a punch card punching machine interwoven (pun intended) with music and sound effects from the computer game Loom (LucasArts, 1990).
  2. Drunk Kermode: A review of the movie Her (Spike Jonze, 2013) by Mark Kermode (BBC Radio 5 live) at YouTube’s 50% speed setting.
  3. Lena und die Bananen: An automatic poem. Educational raw material provided by (Capital-L) linguist Marta.
  4. River Raid: The complete boot-up/loading sequence of the Atari (800XE) game River Raid (Carol Shaw, Activision, 1982/83).

Kubshow #11: Mumblecore Ketchupwich (mit Mumbles)

Die Mumbles aus Berlin sind im Studio! Nach einem schwitzigen On-Air-Soundcheck spielen sie einige wunderschön betitelte Songs, von den wir feststellen dass sie irgendwie ins Genre Mumblecore passen, aber definitiv nicht Trash sind. Wir sprechen über Ketchup-Brötchen, Tightness und Tourbuserlebnisse und machen Psychotests wie “Welches Tier bist du” (oder so) und “Welcher Musiker passt zu Ihnen”.


Kubshow #10: Dave and Kuba at Tanagra (with David Dichelle)

Radio Blau buddy and mentor Dave is in the studio! Stories of Britain and Dalmatian watching people fall. We have a table read of a Star Trek episode about the intricacies of intercultural communication. Finally a nice but embarrassing (to me) round of Discard or Picard! Which makes like 60% of this episode Star Trek themed, yikes!


Kubshow #09: Singer-songwriter-magician (mit Tom Kühnel and Daniel Louis Vezza)

First I read a letter I got from the President of the Radio Blau Committee For Broadcasting Excellence Committee, and, uh, it’s like it’s already working!
Tom spielt und singt live seine Musik, wir diskutieren ob das Leben wirklich so schwierig ist und vergleichen dann Zeugnisse. Befriedigend!
Finally we call professional, too cool for school comedians Paul Salomone and Daniel Louis Vezza who are performing at the Melt Festival. Satisfactory!

Links & Grades

Kubshow #08: Four Strikes (with Stew Tunnicliff and Marta)

Artist, poet, language guy Stew Tunnicliff is in the studio! We talk about how his name relates to life guards, discuss more mediocre movies, recite poetry by Youtube Auto-Caption and Pick-ard a soundtrack. We talk to Marta about ape-heavy taxa and try to pronounce allegedly monosyllabic words. You’ve got to be wikidding me!

This episode is full of technical blunders (I blame my low blood sugar), and you can constantly hear birds as I forgot to shut the window. Sorry!