Scraping Elite Force

As blog “research”, I read this very long and moderately interesting half-oral history of Elite Force I+II (a Star Trek video game and its sequel).

I remembered that Elite Force was build with the Q3A engine, which I have often worked with. This engine has a particularly open design, it is really easy to get to the textures – something 10 year old me would have been surprised and delighted about.

So I downloaded the demo, dug a bit, threw some imagemagick in, and here we go: Continue reading “Scraping Elite Force”

diy cosplay

In the 24th century, the traditional method of baking communicators will be made obsolete by replicators.

I don’t know if short sleeves were ever canon. TNG season 1, if i had to guess.

Thanks to Lisa, who did all the work.

And yes, those are my long johns.