Skype clapperboard, laughs, starfields

I made this video to promote our new science fiction podcast:

The sound is an outtake from our other podcast. At the moment we talk over skype, but both record an audio track. To improve the re-syncing in post production we had the glorious idea to facilitate some sort of makeshift clapperboard: we would both clap at the count of three!

Turns out, there is a substantial delay in skype connections (it must be over 300ms) that you usually don’t notice unless… you try to do something in sync. I imagine singing together over Skype is impossible?
By the way – I did notice that while superficially Skype seems to emulate a real life coversation, the delay and other audiovisual artifacts does affect the… flow of conversation: we tend to speak over each other more frequently; punchlines work differently.

For the visuals I went back… not as far as ’95 – which is where I believe the classic Windows screensaver “Starfield” originated – but I had a weird retro-inception what-the-hell-am-I-doing moment when capturing an old Windows XP virtual machine that I forced to preview a screensaver. I guess one could run the VM full screen through a CRT…