3D modelling at 19th Unnamed Cave: photogrammetry archaeology (Paper)

Three images: Left: photography of a stone in a cave, presumably. There are very faint marks. Right: a drawing of a humanoid figure. Center: both overlaid, now you can see how the faint markings maybe, somehow could be identified, but probably not.

Impressive use of photogrammetry:

Most surprisingly, the cave’s ceiling features very large anthropomorphic glyphs that are not apparent in situ due to the tight confines of the cave. We argue that photogrammetry offers untapped potential for not simply the documentation but also the discovery of a variety of archaeological phenomena.

Jan F. Simek, Stephen Alvarez and Alan Cressler, Cambridge University Press. Image (from there): Anthropomorph in regalia (1.81m tall) from 19th Unnamed Cave, Alabama (photograph by S. Alvarez; illustration by J. Simek).