“Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music”

From jvoisin (CC BY-SA)

Some artists will benchmark your utf8 support [and beyond]:
[…] Magma and their Kobaïan made-up language featuring some custom diacritics that don’t exist in utf8.

Of course, see also the famous Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names.
This also reminds me that on BC BY-NC-SA I’ve noticed how bad Bandcamps slugify is: 無​限​大 becomes –14 (the 14 is just an anti-hash-collision counter, I believe)

Wendy Carlos answers questions about Vocoders

a repeating light brown pattern, in the center a logo that says Wendy Carlos, the Wendy in scripty handwriting, the carlos in Gothic uppercase. It looks very 90s!

From Wendy Carlos’ delightfully 90s website

Then I got a chance to try one at the NY World’s Fair of 1964-65, at the Bell Labs pavilion. I was hooked! When I figured how to make it not just speak, but sing, it earned an assured place in a forthcoming new album. You know, it seemed an exciting idea to share! The first reactions were unanimous: everyone hated it!

Reminds me of my first time hearing Daft Punk’s Discovery, it took a while!