Space Celery

A yellow planet (well, moon) on a pitch black backdrop. It looks like a very yellow celery.

From NASA an interesting attempt at “True Colors”, considering how much of the impressive astro photography is technical images with “fake” colors.

The strangest moon in the Solar System is bright yellow. The featured picture, an attempt to show how Io would appear in the “true colors” perceptible to the average human eye, was taken in 1999 July by the Galileo spacecraft that orbited Jupiter from 1995 to 2003

I’ve extended the black backdrop, the super tight crop in the original (click the link & compare for yourself) seems, again, very technical.

Photo source: NASA / JPL / Galileo




Schlieren Steak

Schlieren photography of a a steak in a wind tunnel. But you can't tell it's a steak, it's a black silhouette on a dark grey backdrop, with a lens/parabola-shaped shockwave extending from it.

What if What If was real? Randall Munroe back at it again with a Krispy Steak:

I was contacted by Tom Fisher and Thomas Rees, University of Manchester researchers studying hypersonic heat transfer. They had finished their wind tunnel experiments early, so they decided to head to the corner store, buy a steak, and gather some data.

Video 1: A Sainsbury’s 21 day matured beef steak in Mach 5 winds, recorded using Schlieren imaging to show the hypersonic shockwave

Photo source: screenshot from XKCD twitter.