DHTML snow warming our hearts, cores and planet

animated GIF of the christmassy Strato home page with snow and some cpu temperature stats

Hosting provider Strato delights us with animated snow this season, which they programmed inefficiently so our hard working CPUs can warm our hands resting on our laptops and also our hearts. It goes nice with the busy hum of my snow blower CPU fan.

Multiply that by thousands of users staring at the Strato front page and soon snow, like its DHTML simulacrum, will be a faint, nostalgic memory.

Kubshow #40: Code / Gelumpe (mit Clemens Schöll und Tristan Schulze) [re-upload]


// Neu hochgeladen wegen technischer Probleme

Alternativer Titel: Männer die rumsitzen und davon haben die Hälfte komische Ansichten

“You won’t defeat it. But you can stop it from defeating you. You were lost, because it is built inside you to want to contribute something. You were wired to feel like you are of value to those around you. You were lost because you have a brain powerful enough to understand how things have changed, but refuses to make peace with this information.”

— Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst via Clemens Schöll

“Erst wenn ein Medium nicht mehr gebraucht wird kann es zur Kunst werden (Ha ha ha ha, eat this.)”

— Tristan Schulze, über Radio

Wie man Computer mögen kann, was Coden mit Kunst und Freibier zu tun hat. Frickeln und Gelumpe, tote Medien, Echtes Halbwissen zu Künstlicher Intelligenz und erstmals Radio Blau After Dark:


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