Scraping Elite Force

As blog “research”, I read this very long and moderately interesting half-oral history of Elite Force I+II (a Star Trek video game and its sequel).

I remembered that Elite Force was build with the Q3A engine, which I have often worked with. This engine has a particularly open design, it is really easy to get to the textures – something 10 year old me would have been surprised and delighted about.

So I downloaded the demo, dug a bit, threw some imagemagick in, and here we go: Continue reading “Scraping Elite Force”

cellular automata

I made a website for my pal Cameron Scott a while ago. He freezes stuff and photographs it, so I thought cellular automaton favicons might be a good match. Here’s all of them 256 rules, including the classic hits, left-to-right, top-to-bottom. They start with a black pixel in the top left corner, but now I suspect they’re not 100% correct (and the right-to-left plot is weird).

  • If you check out the website, keep in mind that only Firefox supports animated favicons at the moment.
  • I had to shave a couple pixels off due to tumblr’s 500px limit.