Kubshow #43: Textilkunst und Kunstrad (mit Katja und Andrea Garcia Vasquez)


Live im Studio: Kunstradfahrerin Katja und Textilkünstlerin Andrea Garcia Vasquez. Zwischen Frontlenkerstand und Tapestry, zwischen Leipzig und New Jersey reden wir über Kunst und Sport, Sarah erzählt von Mopsradball und wir analysieren unsere luziden Albträume. #MonsteraMonday!


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DHTML snow warming our hearts, cores and planet

animated GIF of the christmassy Strato home page with snow and some cpu temperature stats

Hosting provider Strato delights us with animated snow this season, which they programmed inefficiently so our hard working CPUs can warm our hands resting on our laptops and also our hearts. It goes nice with the busy hum of my snow blower CPU fan.

Multiply that by thousands of users staring at the Strato front page and soon snow, like its DHTML simulacrum, will be a faint, nostalgic memory.